Shopping Suggestions
for Tools and Equipment

by Charles Platt

Tools and equipment are not included in the kits of components that are being offered for the projects in my book. If you need to shop for them, some links are suggested below. If you are unfamiliar with these items, their purpose is described in the book.

I don’t have any financial arrangement with the companies listed here, and in most cases I don’t own these exact tools. I’m just suggesting them in the hope of saving you some searching time. If you have any recommendations of your own, or if you have other comments, feel free to contact me at

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Long-nosed pliers
Side cutters
Flush cutters
Wire strippers that provide a specific setting for 22-gauge wire
Stanley miniature screwdriver set
Magnifying lens
Soldering iron, 15 watts
Soldering iron, 30 watts
Soldering iron stand
Helping hands plus soldering iron stand
Heat gun
Galvanized brackets for use in Experiment 5